Villa Star of the Sea Retreat Center - Manzanillo, Mexico

A Retreat Lead By An Outside Facilitator

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Villa Star of the Sea Retreat Center - Hold Your Own Retreat

At Villa Star of the Sea we hold scheduled retreats and we host retreats and provide the facility for outside facilitators to hold their own retreats. At Villa Star of the Sea Retreat Center, a facilitator or lead will be charged by the number of participants attending. A retreat will have a minimum of 7 participants, single occupancy, or up to 12 participants double occupancy, limited to 12 participants plus the facilitator(s) to a maximum of 14 attendees.

Included in facility pricing are; very comfortable accommodations, three gourmet meals per day prepared by a Master Chef. There will always be fresh fruit available

during the day, along with a selection of hydrating beverages, plus tea, and coffee.

Not included in the per person price, is a refundable damage deposit, per room or suite. The retreat facilitator will be provided a form containing inventory per room or suite, which makes them responsible for inventory loss or breakage to suite, and / or contents, transportation to and from the airport, will be arranged but not included in the price of the retreat.

Contracted additional services, such as Horseback Riding on the Beach, Golf, Quad Adventures, Tours, Fishing, Spa Treatments, Hair, Nails and Make up, etc. will have extra charges attached.

Our Ocean Retreat offers a stunning blend of Moroccan Mexican design, luxury amenities and superb ocean vistas, with miles and miles of beach. The Retreat is located 30 miles north of the City of Manzanillo and a small puebla, near City of Cihuatlan, on the Pacific Ocean, 130 miles south of Puerto Vallarta. We have endeavoured to create a wonderful, safe, retreat facility in a beautiful tropical location. Villa Star of the Sea also has a Tapas Bar on site, serving tapas Plates and your favorite beverage.

In 2014 Villa Star of the Sea went from our own concept to reality, building our own Mexican location on the Mexican Costalegre, just north of Manzanillo, and just twenty minutes away from the Manzanillo (ZLO) International Airport.

Our location is an acre, on a pristine, very long beach, idyllically set with sun, ocean, sand and clean air, to awaken the senses.

Our first retreat, VIVA la DIVA was in November 2004 and now we provide several types of retreats throughout the year, exclusively for women who expect and receive pampered treatment. Villa Star of the Sea Retreat Center understands that many women need to get away from it all sometimes.

If you haven't yet experienced Villa Star of the Sea Retreat Center, you will find us a great location and venue for your retreat. We have a fantastic range of options that cater for your retreat venue.

We do not cater to just women, we are open to both men's and women's retreats, and small corporate venues. We are the ultimate destination for rest and relaxation, workshops and your retreat. Contact us today to explore the posibilities.

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